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Originally Posted by homerunoveryou View Post
I did some investigating and found a man on the inside. My source sent me some of the questions from the meeting that were not tweeted. I thought I would share them with you guys.

Dan Proot
I was at the bowling alley last night, and saw a long haired man calling himself "The Dude". Is he a suspect?

Sheriff Dave Kring
Really? Thats a clown question bro.

Deputy Danny Young
"The Dude" is wanted for questioning in an unrelated property theft case. A missing rug, I believe. He is not a suspect.

Sheriff Dave Kring
"What the hell happened to the Dodgers?"

Deputy Danny Young
I dont know but your Twins print plates suck. please stop spamming them.

I most certainly AM a suspect.
but I ate that rug so you will never prove it
Dan is just a little poser pathetic..he even steals his older brothers nickname!
Dave is the real deal
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