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Originally Posted by homerunoveryou View Post
I did some investigating and found a man on the inside. My source sent me some of the questions from the meeting that were not tweeted. I thought I would share them with you guys.

Dan Proot
I was at the bowling alley last night, and saw a long haired man calling himself "The Dude". Is he a suspect?

Deputy Danny Young
"The Dude" is wanted for questioning in an unrelated property theft case. A missing rug, I believe. He is not a suspect.

Unidentified Person in Mask
There are rumors of a green van with the words Mystery Machine painted on the side of it. It has been driving around town. Are they here to help?

Sheriff Dave Kring
There are a lot of roads here, and cars drive on them. Vans are like cars, driving on roads. Next Question.

Jake Perry
Is it true that Guttman's Residence is a modest suburban home with a front door and a side gate leading to a back yard?

Deputy Danny Young
You are off track. Follow the instructions. Turn Back now.

Larry Mudlin
Are you guys going to call in Batman to help?

Sheriff Dave Kring
Really? Thats a clown question bro.

Shouted from the Crowd
What were Lennie's Last words?

Sheriff Dave Kring
We believe they were "What the hell has happened to the Dodgers?"

Im sure this is full of clues. Somebody may need this to bust this case wide open. You are welcome.
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