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Originally Posted by addicted36 View Post
FML I asked for 2 spots in this, get thrown into the 1st and 2nd over all spots that never have a shot at a top 10 place and end up at 37 and 48 overall. I mean it could be worse and I ended up at the very bottom but damn. I'm sure this is my fault for not picking some random in the middle spot and I'm not saying that this is any ones fault but my own just sure as hell took the wind out of my sails and taught me a valuable lesson to never let the the person running the break just put me anywhere.

My spots are for sale for 10.50 paypal gift that way I only lose $25 on this. First to pm gets them
Sorry man, you were the first one to request spots and didn't specify, so I just went in order. At any point if you wanted to change it while there were still spots open, I would have done that for you.
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