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Originally Posted by addicted36 View Post
Zoop I know you know your wrestling from reading your post and believe it or not I know probably as much as anyone in this thread about the history of the business. Ultimate Warrior, Jim Helwig, was a character that worked in the steroid age very well for several reasons. At a time when the business was just getting on everyone's cable television for the first time ever he burst onto the scene after traveling only in very short peroids of time in the WCCW and the Bill Watts UWF. He was an unknown at the time of kafabe and almost all of the WWF stars in 1987 had built a name for themselves elsewhere. His music was heavier then was normally allowed and his ring entrance was orginial. But most of all he was given a spot that no one was allow back in the WWF and that was to be a bonifide threat to Hulk Hogans reign as champion. Sure others had gotten the title before the Ultimate Warrior won Wrestlemania 6 like Andre the Giant and Randy Savage neither of them was given the strap for very long or looked at as the successor to Hulkamania.

While the purist knows that most nights Helwig was blown up before ever even entering the squared circle and didn't have an ounce of wrestling ability in him. And worse spoke in a language only he seemed to understood (and still does) to a people no one knew, the Ultimate Warrior worked because the business was different back then. People were tired of Hulkamania and wanted a new champion and that spot was given to Helwig, wrongfully so but that's another topic. As we all saw in 1998 the Ultimate Warrior gimmic did not nor would it ever work in another day and age of wrestling but during 1988-1989 it was pure gold.

Those who never understood the business back then would not get this and honestly since that happened more then 25 years ago I romantically hope they never do. Wrestling in the 1980's was not like the 1990's, the 2000's, or today. Wrestling was kafab and no one took down Hulkamania like the Ultimate Warrior. I really hope the Warrior fans never stop looking at that time and end of the era and ever listen to the detractors. We all have our favorites and the Ultimate Warrior deserves his fans too.

As for me giving up those spots so cheap, honestly I just wanted to forget about this break and priced them where I thought I could get out of this immediately and it worked. The higher the price I put them at the longer I would have them. Sometimes its just easier to move on. Good luck everyone.
An excellent post and 100% true. I was a bit of a Warrior mark myself as a kid, but was more of (and still am) a Savage and Hart kinda guy. Randy had the kooky promos AND in-ring ability, so he always appealed to me a little bit more.

I feel sorry for the kids these days who will never know what wrestling moves are called because the announcers never actually call the match. Thanks to Gorilla calling out the occasional move (even McMahon did) and the likes of J.R. and Mike Tenay in the MNW-era, I was an educated fan. It's tough to learn all those moves as an kid or a new adult fan these days, because moves have drastically become more sophisticated and the presentation never acknowledges the moves themselves. Just a thought, not really on-topic or anything, but a big difference from then-and-now.

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A random is a random. No slot gives you a better shot at being #1. That bitchfit was a little unnecessary.
Uncalled for. I didn't see it as a bitchfit, just expressing disappointment. We've all been there and it's nice to vent. I'm 40th of 42 in a draft tonight. It sucks.
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