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Originally Posted by jtayne1323 View Post
haha yeah me too, but i dont really ever say what i'm thinking about the code on twitter. I just think considering almost all the other years there was a giveaway hint in the advertisment cards. the clocks last year the stars the year before....there has to be somthing there that we arent seeing, the thing in the frame in the back is the willow tree that is the symbol of the town willow cove, but does anyone see the string coming off of his hand he holds the mug with? it goes down his arm and looks like it attaches to some sort of green satchel
I'm not really seeing what you're talking about. I think what might be important is the fact that "be the first to crack the code" is written with scraps of paper.

On another note, does anyone else find it odd that there haven't been many tweets today after all of the events of yesterday?
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