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Originally Posted by NonFlammable View Post
For those experienced ebay store owners, what volume/sales level do you feel justifies the different tiers of ebay stores ($15.95/$49.95/$299.95)?

I average about $100/month in fees, which sucks to begin with. I try and take full advantage of the free listing days, but that's usually only once a month...
In a nutshell here is the breakdown:

Less then 171 listings = Basic Store
171 to 12500 listings = Premium Store
Over 12500 Listings= Anchor Store

I have a spreadsheet somewhere that breaks this down but cant find it. Let me take a stab at this. Here is the math:

Basic Store = $15.95 per month (.20 listing fee for 30 days)

So if you had 170 listings your listing fees would be:

170x.20= $34.00
Store Subscription - $15.95
Total $49.95
Anything over 170 listings you should upgrade to a Premium Store

Premium Store $49.95 per month (.05 Listing Fee)

12500 x .05 = $625
Store Subscription - $49.95
Total $674.95
Anything over 12500 listings you should upgrade to an Anchor Store

I think that is right but Math was never my strong suit.
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