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Just did some quick research on this. Here is what I came up with for people interested and who has paid so far. Some of the people interested may be out dated, but looks like we have 18 interested with 12 paid so far.

mgugs - Does this jive with what you have recorded as well? Let's get 15 paid up and ordered. I know I'm itching to break something!

BucksBandit - paid
tmgrnzx9r - paid
gr33d - paid
mwolfson22 - paid
gergs1134 - paid
mkal411 - paid
smillz300 -
WahooWa -
mgugs46 - paid
mcdo0423 -
dizzyduff13 -
chrismgiroux -
bhuens - paid
dlab85 - paid
Major_League -
ttyler516 - paid
Ballerskrip - paid
dbaks - paid
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