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Originally Posted by Carmine View Post
guys i want to leave a negative, but waiting for the claim to be complete.

in that time i want to see whats his reason/ excuse.

I know first hand crap happens, i got in a car accident almost 9 years ago and now im a quadrepledgic...if i leave this guy a negative, and he writes in 2 days that something happened, that makes cards inconcequental, id feel like a u know what.

But you guys tell me, i only want to conitue to be a positive member of this site and keep others safe
I understand your reasons, but this guy is so scamming you that it makes me sick.

If something happened, then it was recently and has no bearing.

Forcing you to close your case and then not responding is such a scumbag move.

I tell you what, if you later feel a negative was not warranted, I will personally call Chris Park at blowout and ask him myself to change the negative for you.

I am very glad that you got the case reopened, but protect the unknowing members who will never see this thread and neg this guy.

Thanks (and I do consider you a great member)
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