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Originally Posted by messier2 View Post
Ok, question guys: Who's the most overpriced auto based on potential performance?

I hate to say this but it has to be my girl Alex Morgan. The problem is that she's in a TEAM sport. So, if they win the gold (unless she scores the winner or does the Chastain), I just don't see people going crazy at OVER $130 or whatever her auto is at now. Now, I can say this for Wambach and Solo but each of their autos are well under $100 and I see each going for $100 if they win gold.

Who do you guys think is overpriced?
True, she's in in a team sport, but she's also one of the scoring machines on the squad. I believe that she's averaging over a goal per game in international play this year, so she should show up a lot in the highlights. Team members such as Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain were HUGE after they won gold in '96. And interest in women's soccer has grown even more since then. Also, think of it this way: if you hit a bunch of homers in the World Series, score several TDs in the Super Bowl, or score several goals during the Stanley Cup, people are going to notice.

Originally Posted by dashcounter View Post
easily alex morgan. i think solo is overpriced right now too. so is lolo jones.
I think Lolo Jones is overpriced based on performance, but she has a really good story, and she's going to be hyped to the high heavens (pun intended) by NBC. I think she's going to have a hard time medaling, but I think she's going to get a lot of interest by the general public (which hopefully translates into lots of bids on her cards ).

Originally Posted by Reignman40 View Post
I already posted about this but Franklin and Morgan are way too high. Heck all of the autos are overpriced, we'll probably still profit but these are olympians. I can almost justify the price of Phelps and Lochte (depending on performance) as they are transcendent Athletes. I cant figure out whether 10-20 years down the road if this set is a goldmine or a bunch of cardboard. Hype.
As an investment, yeah, they're not so great. But I think many people are going to buy them because they get caught up in the hype and want a "piece of the action." Is spending $300 on a Super Bowl Champions commemorative helmet or World Series Champions jacket the best "investment"? Maybe not, but people shell out the money because they get emotional and/or they enjoy the items.

And IMHO, Olympic autographs are terrible investments. Some of the greatest Olympians, like Bruce Jenner, Mark Spitz, and Greg Louganis, have very affordable autographs. Collect them if you like them, but don't expect that you'll be able to resell them for a ton of money.

Originally Posted by messier2 View Post
I think the sky's the limit for athletes in Gymnastics, Swimming and Track & Field. Anything else, I just don't see the crazy prices people are predicting.
Maybe not crazy prices, but I can see solid prices for athletes in some of the other sports if they win gold. All sports have fans, and many of these athletes don't have any other cards. There's at least a few athletes where 100% of their active eBay auctions are from this set.

Originally Posted by Reignman40 View Post
Women's athlete autos don't sell well at all, look at Joyner Kearse or Sue Bird. Missy autos will sell really well-- I agree no doubt about it, people get caught up in the hype. It seems like it'll be a really expensive souvenir/memoir than a sound investment. Most of us are sellers here, I don't see anybody shelling out olympic hype prices.
Haha, kind of a contradiction to say that female athletes autos don't sell well at all, then to say that Missy autos will sell really well. And you hit the nail on the head with that bolded statement.
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