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Default 2 more Olympic blasters!

After my good fortune yesterday with blasters from Wal-Mart, went to Target today and picked up their last 2 Olympic blasters.

1st blaster
1st pack – Ariel Hsing Gold; OH-VII 1920 Antwerp, Belgium; Shawn Johnson Bronze
2nd pack – Nastia Liukin Silver, SOV-2 Basketball Arena, Conor Dwyer Bronze
3rd pack – OLY-10 Hope Solo, Sarah Groff Gold, Brandon Hansen Bronze
4th pack – Kim Rhode Silver, Misty May-Treanor Auto!, Jordyn Wieber Bronze (Got 5 base missing from my set from a previous break of 2 blasters.)
5th pack – Erica McLain Gold, Abby Wambach Relic! (relic piece has different shades of gray), Bryan Clay Bronze (Got 5 for my base set.)
6th pack – Tony Azavedo Bronze, Dotsie Bausch Silver (Got 7 for my base set)
7th pack – OLY-11 Nastia Liukin, Allyson Felix Bronze
8th pack – Mariel Zagunis Silver, Jerome Singleton Bronze

2nd blaster
Completed my base set with this blaster!
1st pack - Juan Agudelo Silver, Trey Hardee Bronze
2nd pack – OLY-6 Carrie Johnson, Paige Railey Bronze
3rd pack – Phil Dalhausser Silver, Steven Lopez Bronze, Ryan Lochte and Missy Franklin Base (both are extra for me, but always good)!
4th pack – Sanya Richards Gold (has some machine ink on it); OH-X Los Angeles, United States; Kayla Harrison Bronze
5th pack – Alex Morgan Silver, SOV-16 North Greenwich Arena, Jessica Parratto Bronze
6th pack – OLY-5 Rau’Shee Warren, Missy Franklin Gold, Taylor Phinney Bronze
7th pack – Brady Ellison Silver, Mary Whipple Silver Auto! /30, Seimone Augustus Bronze
8th pack – Danell Leyva Gold, David Oliver Relic!, Kellie Wells Bronze

I’m very happy. Got 2 hits (auto and relic) in each blaster. Completed my base set with the blasters and now have dupes. Looks like blasters are good alternatives to hobby boxes. Best value I have ever seen for a product, lots of fun to break. Here’s the damage with odds listed in parentheses:
16 Bronze (1 per pack)
9 Silver (1:2)
6 Gold (1:3)
4 Games of the XXX Olympiad OLY (1:4)
2 Heritage of the Olympic Games OH (1:8)
2 London 2012 Olympic Venues SOV (1:12)
Opening Ceremony OC (1:24)
2 Relic (1:31)
1 Auto (1:142)
1 Silver Auto (1:620)

With these 2 blasters and the 2 from yesterday, got 1 base set, 2 autos and 4 relics in all.
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