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Originally Posted by TrueNE_09 View Post
Nice. Sounds good, thanks again. Looking forward to this. Let me/us know if anything falls through between now and then.
Originally Posted by KennethWVT View Post
Sounds kind of hard to keep track off, I think I'd rather have case 1,3,5 and case 2,4 be separate drafts right after each other
Originally Posted by hobbiewt View Post
Sweet, sounds good thanks for the update looking forward to this break
I'll be staying on top of the draft very regularly to keep any potential confusion at bay. We should be fine

Originally Posted by u_want_my_cards View Post
I will be paying as soon as I can. But I will be able to pay faster if these sell... Sorry to hijack the thread tajikey, but I know everyone wants a random ASAP

Originally Posted by mwolfson22 View Post
Paid for my Slot
Yes, yes you did. Thanks!
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