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Originally Posted by dbrown View Post
I am def. interested, what site do you use?

Well this has been running since 96 or 97 and there were no "sites" to use.
It's e-mail and spreadsheet.
My pick gets sent out to all before I open the e-mail and record the picks.

It has been brought up about sites that could run this but I have not found one.

In the 15+ years I have been running this Ihave "cashed" 1 time. I split an entry with a co corker and he and another guy decided to split when it got to the 2 of them.

Total prize that year was $800 and I would up with $200.

I do get 1 free entry each year and and money won by that entry goes to a charitable fund.
This year is it going to the "Jason and Hannah Brazil Scholorship Fund" started after a co-worder of my wife passed away in May.

If someone knows of a site that will hold 120 or more entries I would look into this. I am the one that would benefit the most from this. It's a LOT of work.
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