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CM Punk vs John Cena - Punk wins, making Cena the first person to cash in and lose...
The DX Reunion - Heard that Billy Gunn and XPac have been sited and Road Dogg works for the company, so this should be good....
Christian's IC Title Defense - Do we know who he is "fighting"? I like the idea of Edge coming out for the 5 second pose.
Lesnar's Response to Triple H - Hmmm I wonder, this will probably be the longest and drawn out part of the show.
The Rock's Appearance - Feel he's gonna have a run in with Brock, leading to the Wrestlemania match for the title
Mick Foley's Appearance - Could care less
Bret Hart's Appearance - His appearances make me feel bad for him, he looks strung out and gimpy
The Permanent GM Announcement - This could be the biggest suprise of the night or the biggest dud
Daniel Bryan & AJ's Wedding - I don't think a WWE wedding has every finished without something happening... Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth is the only I can think of that finished, but they got attacked with the snake afterwards.
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