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I'm a major MMA fan, and have not watched wrestling since probably 1995. So honestly, not too much.. I know a lot of other MMA fans that I know personally don't like wwe-type wrestling because it's staged.. I prefer watching real fights.. I honestly have no idea what brock is up to outside of the cage or in wrestling, and I'm thinking I'm not the only one.
On the up side though, a lot of people still do watch wrestling and NOT MMA, (or both) so it's kind of a win-win for brock anyway.. He has fans from both sports, and brock is already a walking success story in MMA anyway.. he came in, took the title, defended it, became the top paid fighter, got some tough wins and did not really fall off the top until his disease got the best of him. Not a major brock fan as a fighter, but gotta give much respect to the guy.
I wouldn't really expect all UFC fans to know what happens with brock in wrestling, though.. maybe about a third will still pay attention. No matter what happens, he will never be a $1 seller anyway.
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