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Originally Posted by tolrobb View Post
Id still be unhappy, lol. 10 days is enough time to do roughly a million mocks. Everyone will be there an hour early to see their spot, more than enough time to field trade offers. I'm not sure u are understanding the scope of making this change from a competitive standpoint. This is a fun first league, but I'm not trying to give the noobs any advantage.
I seen it both ways. Actually my 150$ lets us know the draft position well ahead of time. In my 75$ league we do it draft day. I actually think knowing your position beforehand helps the experience more. Noobs tend to think they can make a fool proof plan and ends up hurting themselves. This ends up being more competitive because alot of people will do more research making the draft more competitive. Fantasy football is base off real football and in real football teams know there draft position well ahead of time. I really does not matter to me. I just think it will be more fun and competitive this way.
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