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Default Hurry, I need help with fantasy roster

I am in a Yahoo PPR keeper league and I am up to draft right now (24 hrs)
I still need to fill my kicker position and 3 defensive spots so to draft I am going to have to drop someone. I am looking at Moreno, Greg Olsen, Cedric Benson, McCoy and Percy Harvin. So, do I draft one of these guys? Who would you drop? Or do I just stand pat with my team. BTW, I inherited this team 2 years ago and went from last to first, through the draft and free agency. I will go with the board consensus.

QB Drew Brees
WR Greg Jennings
WR Randy Moss
RB Frank Gore
RB Michael Turner
TE Tony Gonzalez
W/T Roy Williams
W/R Reggie Bush
BN Anthony Gonzalez
BN Ted Ginn Jr.
BN Santonio Holmes
BN Deion Branch
BN Ray Rice
BN Aaron Rodgers
BN Derrick Ward
K --empty--
DEF Baltimore
BN Green Bay
D --empty--
DB --empty--
DL --empty--
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