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Wow, that was an incredible break, congrats! I don't know if we will see a better 5 pack break, all 5 packs had great hits, you didn't get a single dud pack. In fact, I broke 30 packs this weekend, and your 5 were almost better than my 30 combined.

I did get incredibly unlucky with bad collation, and hit ZERO Dexter prop cards and ZERO Dexter costume cards (while most of the other breaks I saw had one of those cards in every 3 or 4 packs), while over half my packs had the comic panel cards which have been pretty much a dud. Luckily I did hit enough good cards to break even I think, so I agree these packs are great. I just hope noone else has my bad luck. I will post my break tomorrow morning after I take some pictures tonight.
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