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Originally Posted by cardbooker View Post
Why are there so many complaints about wwe programming on this thread? Every week it's the same negative comments, yet you guys continue to watch it anyway. This show was absolutely great and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Great promos, lots of guest appearances, & an unexpected heel turn. Can't wait to tune in next week =)
A couple of my problems with the show:

First off, the usage of Bret Hart, the best in-ring performer of all time, was absolutely awful. A special guest announcer, really? Nothing good came from it. None at all.

Secondly the usage of the Undertaker was poor as well. I figured WWE would use this to build up to his WrestleMania match. Instead he just got the standard legends treatment. He wasn't "The Deadman", he was just another returning legend.

Thirdly, no Steve Austin? The man shaped the attitude era. RAW might not have made it to 1000 had it not been for Stone Cold. HHH gets 35 minutes of airtime, yet Austin can't get a single appearance?

Finally, and this is the biggie, this Tout crap NEEDS TO END. We're two weeks into the Tout obsession and I already hate it. I could live with twitter, I can bear YouTube, I can even handle facebook. But Tout needs to go. Period. And that 100 millionth social media user? What the hell was that?

It was not a good show for what was expected. As a regular RAW, or a PPV, it would've been very good. But this was supposed to be similar to WrestleMania. And compared to that, it was a dud.
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