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Default SPORTKINGS Series F - who do you want to see?

Now that Series E has been out a while, time to start looking ahead to Series F

Here's what I thought I would do...

1) Start a thread nominating athletes for Series F (this thread)
2) On August 31st, open two threads (one for team sports, one for individual sports) in which people can vote for their top 50 in each category
3) On October 31st, take the top 50 from each of the two preliminary threads and start a new thread in which people can vote for their final 48 athletes (since this is the usual size of a series) of of the 100 listed.
4) On December 31st, announce the final vote tally...

So this will become the nominating thread. For sanity's sake, please only nominate athletes who are no longer active, since I already have a list of 200+ retired athletes, and Dr. Price generally does not include more than 2-3 active athletes in each series. Also, keep in mind that Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and Bobby Orr are not included because they are under exclusive contract to Upper Deck.

Here goes:

Team Sports

Feller (Baseball)
Spahn (Baseball)
Mantle (Baseball)
DiMaggio (Baseball)
Campanella (Baseball)
Aaron (Baseball)
Sadaharu Oh (Baseball)
Koufax (Baseball)
Mays (Baseball)
Berra (Baseball)
Mathews (Baseball)
Killebrew (Baseball)
Drysdale (Baseball)
F.Robinson (Baseball)
B.Robinson (Baseball)
McCovey (Baseball)
Stargell (Baseball)
Palmer (Baseball)
Morgan (Baseball)
Brett (Baseball)
Yount (Baseball)
Munson (Baseball)
Fisk (Baseball)
Boggs (Baseball)
Puckett (Baseball)
Maddux (Baseball)
Glavine (Baseball)
R.Johnson (Baseball)
P.Martinez (Baseball)
Bonds (Baseball)
O.Graham (Football)
Tittle (Football)
Blanda (Football)
Bradshaw (Football)
Staubach (Football)
Payton (Football)
Swann (Football)
Campbell (Football)
Fouts (Football)
Lott (Football)
E.Smith (Football)
Favre (Football)
Cousy (Basketball)
Abdul-Jabbar (Basketball)
Erving (Basketball)
Havlieck (Basketball)
Reed (Basketball)
Bradley (Basketball)
Moses Malone (Basketball)
Gervin (Basketball)
Drexler (Basketball)
Pippen (Basketball)
Ewing (Basketball)
Mullin (Basketball)
Stockton (Basketball)
Karl Malone (Basketball)
O'Neal (Basketball)
Yao Ming (Basketball)
Manute Bol (Basketball)
Sarunas Marciulonis (Basketball)
Gordie Howe (Hockey)
Mikita (Hockey)
Dryden (Hockey)
Clarke (Hockey)
L.Robinson (Hockey)
Bossy (Hockey)
Trottier (Hockey)
Potvin (Hockey)
Eruzione (Hockey)
Coffey (Hockey)
Bourque (Hockey)
Yzerman (Hockey)
Hasek (Hockey)
Lidstrom (Hockey)
Larionov (Hockey)
Puskas (Soccer)
B.Moore (Soccer)
B.Charlton (Soccer)
Beckenbauer (Soccer)
Cruyff (Soccer)
Maradona (Soccer)
P.Rossi (Soccer)
Platini (Soccer)
Matthaus (Soccer)
Baresi (Soccer)
Baggio (Soccer)
Maldini (Soccer)
Stoichkov (Soccer)
Hagi (Soccer)
Zidane (Soccer)
Bergkamp (Soccer)
Yashin (Soccer)
Banks (Soccer)
Shilton (Soccer)
Schmiechel (Soccer)
Kahn (Soccer)
Gullit (Soccer)
Rijkaard (Soccer)
Van Basten (Soccer)
Lalas (Soccer)
Wynalda (Soccer)
Harkes (Soccer)
Meola (Soccer)
Reyna (Soccer)
Cobi Jones (Soccer)
McBride (Soccer)
Keller (Soccer)
Michelle Akers (Soccer)

Individual Sports

Laver (Tennis)
B.J.King (Tennis)
McEnroe (Tennis)
Connors (Tennis)
Evert (Tennis)
Graf (Tennis)
Agassi (Tennis)
Sampras (Tennis)
Seles (Tennis)
Chang (Tennis)
Courier (Tennis)
Joe Louis (Boxing)
Patterson (Boxing)
Liston (Boxing)
Foreman (Boxing)
Spinks (Boxing)
Duran (Boxing)
Hagler (Boxing)
Hearns (Boxing)
Watson (GOLF)
Ballesteros (GOLF)
Trevino (GOLF)
Faldo (GOLF)
Player (GOLF)
Sarazen (GOLF)
Vardon (GOLF)
Carl Lewis (Track)
Killy (Skiing)
O'Brien (Track)
Jansen (Speed Skating)
Daley Thompson (Track)
Rafer Johnson (Track)
Mary Lou Retton (Gymnastics)
Bubka (Pole Vault)
Gail Devers (Track)
Felix Savon (Boxing)
Teofilio Stevenson (Boxing)
Alexis Karelin (Wrestling)
Matt Biondi (Swimming)
Gary Hall (Swimming)
Janet Evans (Swimming)
Steve Mahre (Skiing)
Phil Mahre (Skiing)
Tomba (Skiing)
Ohno (Speed Skating)
N.Coughlin (Swimming)
de Bruijn (Swimming)
Aamodt (Skiing)
Bill Johnson (Skiing)
Tommy Moe (Skiing)
Tony Sailer (Skiing)
Franz Klammer (Skiing)
Lasse Kjus (Skiing)
J.Kostelic (Skiing)
Bjorn Daehlie (Cross Country Skiing)
Boitano (Figure Skating)
K.Witt (Figure Skating)
N.Kerrigan (Figure Skating)
Yamaguchi (Figure Skating)
Kwan (Figure Skating)
Georg Hackl (Luge)
Matti Nykanen (Ski Jumping)
J-O Koss (Speed Skating)
Fittipaldi (AUTO)
Foyt (AUTO)
Mears (AUTO)
the Unsers (AUTO)
Earnhardt (AUTO)
Bobby Allison (AUTO)
C.Yarbrough (AUTO)
D.Waltrip (AUTO)
Edmund Hilary (Mountain Climbing)
Neil Armstrong (Aviation)
Y.Gagarin (Aviation)
Randy "Macho Man" Savage (Professional Wrestling)
Amarillo Slim (Poker)
Lance Armstrong (Cycling)
Greg Lemond (Cycling)
Miguel Indurain (Cycling)
Bernard Hinault (Cycling)
Rick Swensen (Iditarod)
Lance Mackey (Iditarod)
Martin Buser (Iditarod)
Jeff King (Iditarod)
Doug Swingley (Iditarod)
Landry (COACH)
Noll (COACH)
Walsh (COACH)
Bryant (COACH)
Anderson (MANAGER)
Lasorda (MANAGER)
Weaver (MANAGER)
Auerbach (COACH)
Nelson (COACH)
Jackson (COACH)
Riley (COACH)

Anybody else you can think of that meets the guidelines feel free to suggest up until August 31st....
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