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The way it works is that for this example 1 case of SPX FB has 10 boxes of 10 packs with each pack containing a jersey or autograph card (a hit). Each person that buys a slot will get 1 hit for their slot. After all slots are filled I will randomize the list via and that will determine which hit you get. Slots 1-10 will get hits from box 1 with say slot 5 getting the hit from box 1 pack 5. In this case there will also be some base cards so I am going to make another random list and the first 10 on that list will also get all non hit cards from there box. So in the second list the 7th person on the list would get all the non hit cards from the 7th box I open. Everything is opened live on Ustream so that anyone can watch the break as it happens. After I break everything then I pack it up and ship you your cards. The slot price factors in the cost of the case, shipping, and paypal fees.
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