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Originally Posted by mfw13 View Post
I think you'll be surprised...I know that quite a few of the guys in my final 60 (I haven't cut it down to 48 yet) are not big money guys, and I'm sure the same will hold true for many of the other posters....
Individually, no doubt. My top 48 would have Katarina Witt, Gabriella Sabbatini, Gabrielle Reece and Jake "The Snake" Roberts (still waiting for the snakeskin boot memorabilia autos). I think everyone's bottom 10-15 would be fun and unique, but statistics catches up with you over more people as the top 20-30 are all the high dollar signers or hard to get people.

All I'm saying is just don't have the expectation of having the grand master list of "here's who we expect to have in version F". It'll be a nice wish list, but it's fun just being able to shout out one name or two and actually seeing Dr. price incorporate it into the product. It happened last year and I'm sure he'll be listening to new ideas this year as well.
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