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Here is who I have payments from - the case was ordered today, but after 2EST so I wont get it until THURSDAY. We WILL break THURSDAY.

1 - Major_League
2 - WahooWa
3 - Smillz
4 - Mgugs46
5 - Dbaks
6 - Ballerskrip
7 - gr33d
8 - Mkal
9 - Bucksbandit
10 - tmgrnx9r
11 - ttyler
12 - Dlab
13 - Mwolfson
14 - Gergs

I also got the $25 from Bhuens. Waiting to hear back from him if he wants a refund OR if he wants to pay the rest and stay in. If he is out, then mcd0423 you can have his slot.

I sent him a PM today, so I assume I will hear back soon.

Buying rare 90's inserts of Pedro Martinez, Nomar Garciaparra and other Red Sox/star players

Always looking for PEDRO MARTINEZ patches/autos
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