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Default BO Pick'em Leauge $$

League ID - 21538
Password - BO2009

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Pro Football Pickem - Join a Group

Make sure you use your board name as your team name so I can keep things straight. We will be paying out $10 to the weekly winners.

All right boys and girls who think you know a thing or 2 about the NFL, I am going to run a fantasy Pick'em league. The league will be hosted on Yahoo and it will be a cumulative score league. Winner takes all if we have less than 25 teams (details below)!

Entry fee is $10

I would like to have at least 10 teams competing and there will not be a cap. 1 entry per person. Attempts to register multiple teams will result in your disqualification.

If we get at least 25 players, we will have a weekly prize of $10 for whomever has the most correct picks for that week. Any ties will carry over to the next week and a winner will be determined based on that weeks scores.

Quick breakdown saying we have 25 people:

25 players x $10 = $250 pool
17 weeks = 17 winners @ $10 each = $170
Overall winner takes home $80 that is left over from the weekly prize pool.

If you want to join, post here and submit payment to and include your BO name in the description. To keep from losing any cash to fees, submit payments as "Personal - Other." I will pm you with the league name and password once your payment is in.

Cutoff date will be Wednesday September 9th at 11:59 PM.

I will keep a running list of players and winners here in this thread so if you sign up and don't see your name, pm me with your details so I can correct it.

Players (24 PAID / 24 TOTAL)
pskell02 PAID
deboesports PAID
hockeyjunkie99 PAID
crr9381 PAID
caltek3 PAID
gman71 PAID
keggobelly PAID
Zerokruel PAID
washingtonmark PAID
wyomedina PAID
jacobbigshow PAID
robdijohn PAID
kelleys1 PAID
jlzinck PAID
Texansfan PAID
bigboysoffootball PAID
bulldawgfan PAID
blackandgold PAID
upsbroker06 PAID
tattooelement PAID


Week 1 -
Week 2 - pskell02 (Suck it Nick )
Week 3 - keggobelly
Week 4 - upsbroker06
Week 5 - wyomedina
Week 6 - pskell02
Week 7 - pskell02
Week 8 - FINS4LIFE
Week 9 - washingtonmark
Week 10 - bulldawgfan
Week 11 - bulldawgfan
Week 12 - Jacobbigshow
Week 13 - blackandgold
Week 14 - FINS4LIFE
Week 15 - crr9381
Week 17 - CaptainBOHICA

Overall Winner - PAYDIRTGOD
Looking for - Mitch Keller, Jameson Taillon, and Austin Meadows
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