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Default Should there be a standard policy on Group breaks?

Backing out of a slot:

Recently, there have been group breaks that fill quick and end up having holes in them when it comes time to pay up. I understand that things come up and emergencies arise that make it hard to commit or need to back out of a group break once it has filled. But everytime? Ive noticed a few individuals that have entered approxmately 4 group breaks on average and then back out of all of them only to join 1 other one. If they claim that they dont have the $$ for it, then how are they able to afford to get into the next group break?

This type of behavior affects everyone in the group break. Until all payments are made, the host usually never orders the case. Within that time the product could possibly go up in price. Could these "floaters" in group breaks actually be speculating by taking up slots then backing out at the last minute because the product didnt go "hot" after going live? If so, I think such a practice should be scrutinized.
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