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Hey all,
Ive had some questions about how hit drafts work:
A hit draft works like this. The list of slots is randomized and the resulting list is the draft order. Top person will get the firstpick of any hit or base lot that we get after we break the case. Then the next person on the list will get the next pick...the draft will have a clock so once the person before you picks then you will have an hour for example to make your pick from the remaining list of hits. Although it is customary to send a PM to the next in line after you pick, you alone will be responsible to follow the thread. If you miss your window then you will be autopicked from a pre-ranked list i will compile after we break our case. It is highly encouraged for people to send their own pre-ranked list to thehost if they are unsure whether they will be present to pick.

Let me know if you have any additional questions!
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