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Angry Retaliation negative and being blackmailed by Daners7576

So I posted a thread before on this same issue. Here's the whole story...

I paid $105 for a Rose auto on June 24th. Daners7576 said he would "get it out ASAP with dc". Didn't hear from him for 10 days and no card so sent him message on July 3:

"Did you mail the card? You're in IN and I'm in IL and it's been more than a week. I'm a bit surprised it hasn't come yet."

Still no response. So I open a PayPal claim on July 6...more than 2 weeks after I paid and send him the message:

"A PayPal case has been opened. Please refund my $105 immediately."

All of a sudden, after 2 weeks of not responding, he responds the next day with:

"Sorry man, I understand I was on a business trip and my person who usually ships for me for some reason didn't send that card out. If you still want it I will only charge $98 for it and I will get it out on Monday since I am in town. Once again I am truly sorry and I completely understand if you don't want it. If you want I will send you a serial numbered rose and and rose bowman rc for free if you get me your address. Once again I am truly sorry man."

Okay, no problem, he's trying to make up for it but at this point I'm not interested in playing games if he can't follow through so I respond:

"I appreciate the apology and your attempt to rectify the situation but with all due respect in an age with iPhones and the like there is no reason you couldn't have replied to my initial message. It took opening a PayPal case to get your attention and receive a response. Please refund my $105. Thank you."

So I figure he'll take care of it immediately given that I have been waiting over 2 weeks and now he's finally responded. So a day goes by and no refund so I message him:

"Still haven't seen the $105 back in my account. What's the hold up?"

No response....for 3 weeks. I finally got my refund via my PayPal claim, which he never even responded to, and so I left him negative feedback June 19 (which you can go see for yourselves).

Then today I get this response:

"I apologize I looked on my paypal and it said that your money was returned, I was not trying to rip you off. I offered the card for a cheaper price and to send you free cards. Once again I am sorry it was a complete miscommunication."

Followed by a negative feedback from him stating:

"Contacted buyer was out of town, paypal showed he was refunded, beware scam"

Scam? You never sent my card! That's also classic negative feedback retaliation if I ever saw it Then he sends this beauty:

"As i said 3 weeks ago I dont know what happened with paypal but it showed I refunded you, I also offered you 25$ worth of free cards. If you would still like those give me your address and we can both get rid of our negative feedback, there is no need to have negative feedback on each other for miscommunication."

Last I checked that is called blackmail. He didn't hold up his end of the deal and he never communicated anything to me except for when the Paypal case was opened and when I left him negative feedback. If he thought he had refunded me then when he received my message asking where the money was why didn't he respond? This guy is an absolute joker.

So I responded with:

"You realize this is black mail and retaliative negative feedback on your part which is frowned upon quite highly. Funny how you don't communicate with me and once you receive negative feedback you suddenly appear. No. I will not take down the negative feedback and you can best believe this is getting posted all over these boards. You're a real piece of work."

Mods, I would appreciate the retaliation negative being taken down and I would love to hear what everyone on here thinks about this situation.
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