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Originally Posted by mh01460 View Post
That is going to take forever to achieve and whoever gets 25 of each letter will have spent between $3,000-$5,000 most likely.
With complete sets selling for around $100, if anyone spends $5,000 for 25 sets, they have way too much money in the first place.

However, if what you say is true, I wonder what these paintings will be worth? Just think if Mr. Kelley becomes famous.

Originally Posted by mmbtvs View Post
I wonder what athletes Wheeler will pick to have art cards of.

Originally Posted by chadj88 View Post
Never bought this product. What are the odds off pulling a "lettered" card?
1 per box.

Originally Posted by mh01460 View Post
Brian, I was not saying anything against what you had posted in your blog. I am simply saying that companies have done these promotions in the past where you have to spell out certain letters and its a shame to see people buying and selling them on ebay for hundreds of dollars without a sure 100% they will be redeemed before the deadline.
The deadline is nearly a year away, if I understand it correctly. I see no shame in any of this.
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