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Default 3 more packs of Breygent SDCC Mystery!!

Hey gang. So after having so much fun with the first packs of the SDCC Mystery Packs, I got 3 more.

So, the first batch were the usual suspects: 2x Dexter props, which actually are the reasons why I'm buying these packs. I loved Season 4 of Dexter, so I'm happy with any Dexter pulls. The Vamp plate is pretty neat, along with the z-card Dead World Auto. I actually hit a nice comic panel (Silver), even though these are the lesser hits.

Here are these so far.....

Then I didn't even realize what I had pulled, when I pulled this.....

My very first Rhiannon Owens sketch card!! Needless to say, I'm ecstatic with this pull.

This makes up for my printer breaking down today, and pretty much a terrible day in general lol.
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