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Originally Posted by mh01460 View Post
Well you know they are not going to make an equal number of letters. There is always going to be that one person with the letter you want and they 1. don't want to sell it or 2. want you to pay $$$ for it.
I have estimated there are 750 of the shortest printed letter.

Since it only takes ONE of these letters when spelling out "SPORTKIGNS", there are 750 sets possible. So if there is one seller holding out on one letter, don't fret, there will be other sellers that are more reasonable.

You are acting like this is similar to the Boardwalk Monopoly piece from McDonald's, (or whatever the rarest piece is). It's simply not true. I know collectors that could already redeem enough sets for these amazing works of art. What I don't know is if they will redeem 25 sets for one big art card or 25 sets for 5 smaller art cards.
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