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So this raises a bigger question - maybe someone knows (without guessing). When it comes to product releases, how quickly does it take for a company like Topps to be able to add someone to the checklist? I mean, let's say today is 7/26....product releases in a few weeks. How long does it take to make the decision, get the photo, produce the actual card, etc. I mean, by this point, aren't the cards already printed/cut/produced/packaged, or does that actually happen like a day or two before the cards ship? Anybody know?

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Guys. Payments aside for a hot second. We've got about a month to go, and I'd like to continue speculating.

Starling Marte will debut for the Bucs tomorrow -- is there enough time to squeeze him in? Nifty power/speed guy, kinda like a McCutchen Lite. Could generate some extra buzz if he hits well and Pittsburgh is still fighting for a playoff spot at the end of August.

What do y'all think?
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