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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
im all for hard luck randoms lol.

I was going through all the 2011 BDPP group breaks I was in. I didnt realize the sheer amount of stuff I have that I didnt sort. Just found out that Trout had a rc in bowman chrome. I have like 18 refractors.

I got a package lastnight from imnotded from the last 2011 BDPP break and he sent in the bundy ref auto I hit. Came back a 9.5. While putting it away (Sorting) I noticed that I had like 35+ BC rookies of his. I hope Kevin Matthews turns into something one day. You dont want to know how many of his BC cards I have.

Might have to do player lots soon enough.
That's insane about the Trouts. I just sold a refractor for $30 dlvd. If you've got 18 of them, you're sitting on a gold mine. You could easily move all of them at $25 BIN, but I know it's pain in the butt to sell through eBay as a Canadian resident.

I would fear hitting the Pirates, Padres, Mets, or Cubs in a hard luck random of this year's Finest. Cubs and Mets have no rookies or autos in the product, at least not based on the preliminary checklist.
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