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Originally Posted by tajikey View Post
I'm in that Finest break with you, courtesy of Mike Trout base RC sales!
Man, I just made a killing on COMC from Trout base. Did a 10-case 2011 Finest break a few weeks back and ended up with 40 base RCs or so along with a handful of colored refractors.

On Monday, I started selling the base rookie cards one at a time, setting the price as the lowest on the site. Someone kept snapping 'em up at $10/pop! So each time they bought the one I listed, I just listed the next one in my inventory -- they kept buying them! So I took a break after a dozen or so. Later that night, COMC, updated its Beckett book value on that Trout rookie card from $10 to $20. I listed again at $15, and someone started buying them AGAIN.

After about 30 base rookies and 5 refractors sold, I'm already about $100 over the $350 I initially invested in the break. The rest of the base is still in the processing queue -- I guess I may as well wait to see if his stuff continues to appreciate. Will probably hold on to the leftover refractors for my PC.

Anything else at this point will be gravy...I've still got 10 cases worth of Kimbrel, Nishioka and Ogando rookie cards from that break as well as a couple dozen Finest Freshmen inserts that haven't even made it to COMC yet!
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