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Originally Posted by nyisle View Post
i think learning excel is probably some of the better advice I saw on here. When I first started selling it was just for fun, then I decided that I was going to run it like a business, to see if I could actually make a few bucks from my hobby. I made a spread sheet of what my supplies cost and charted all the fees. I figured out what I could charge to ship 1 card, 2 card... to see where I would start to lose money on how many cards I could ship for 1 price.

For those still using plain paper, go to your local arts and crafts store and pick up a photo cutter, its only like $5-$10, just place the paper in and cut it down to size, takes like 15 seconds.

another piece of advice, and its hard not to do, but do not get too wrapped up into it. I would spend like 8 hrs a day after work, if the wife wanted to go somewhere I had to make sure I didn't have any auctions ending because I was to watch them end. You don't realize it at the time of what kind of stress it can put on a relationship, especially when she might not be into the whole idea. Need to learn to walk away and turn off the computer every once in a while.
Great advice, I always get too caught up in where the auction is going to end and getting stressed about how many people are watching vs. bidding, etc. Drives my wife crazy. The Iphone app has been great for that as it just sends updates when someone bids so I do not have to sit in front of the computer.
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