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Originally Posted by cardsrus1 View Post
This is a historic day, Wheeler just misspelled Sportkings!
I can't believe it! Maybe a mod edited my post.

Originally Posted by mh01460 View Post
The math was only for the letters. Whether you keep the actual sports cards or not, you are still out the price of the box. Then, if you get more of one letter than you need and not enough of the other it would throw you off. If you go box by box and assume that each box is around $80 then to piece together the 25 complete sets would cost between $20,000-$30,000.
On the entire planet, do you think there is 1 person out of the nearly 7 Billion that would do this?

What if the people opening boxes actually sell the extra cards? What if those that do open to collect complete sets "trade" for what they need?

While your math can make sense, for all intents and purposes, it makes no sense. Nobody is going to be out $20K - $30K by building 25 complete "SPORTKINGS" sets.
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