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Please random the following three times:

Carson Sands Gold REF auto
Keegan Thompson REF auto
Jordan Sheffield REF
Austin Meadows REF
Arden Pabst REF
Dom Nunez REF
Christian Pelaez REF
Hunter Mercado REF
Trevor Clifton REF

Please random the following list three times:

1. dbaks
2. gr33d
3. gergs1134
4. tmgrnzx9r
5. mkal411
6. mgugs46
7. Major_League
8. smillz300
9. ballerskrip
10. BucksBandit
11. dlab85
12. mwolfson22
13. bhuens
14. ttyler
15. WahooWa
Buying rare 90's inserts of Pedro Martinez, Nomar Garciaparra and other Red Sox/star players

Always looking for PEDRO MARTINEZ patches/autos
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