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Default 2012 Bowman Jumbo Case Break - This Weekend - Who do you like?

I've got a 2012 Bowman Jumbo case on the way today that I'll be breaking this weekend. Pretty much everything will be available minus anything I might send for grading. Besides the obvious hits, let me know if you are looking for any mid-to-low end prospects or any specific inserts that you need. I'll send updates as I break, but I'll be wanting to move as much as I can right away. Thanks.

Also -- I'm assuming all the wave wrapper redemptions are gone by now, but can someone confirm? Thanks!

Players listed so far:

Derek Norris (stockdog1)
Nick Casetellanos (Calvinxlionsx81)
Brandon Jacobs (bruiser1226)
Matt Purkes (Stephenoa)
Matthew Sczur (VWBUS1978)
Eric Arce (IUJJ012)
Candelario (Cubs17)
Jacob Anderson (Starling2732)
Refractor Die Cuts (Catcherball)
Austin Hedges (ts_cards)
Dillon Maples (shabagel)
Jose Osuna (Strasburg)
Tommy Joseph (YOTD)
Billy Hamilton (Sqeeshy)
Daniel Corcino (Sqeeshy)
Jeimer Candelario (bcon2221)
Clay Holmes (bcon2221)
Jordan Pacheco (bigbaseballboy)
Joc Pederson (s.gallagherfan6)
chelsor cuthbert (Vintage Collector)

I'll clarify who I consider high end: Darvish, Harper, Cespedes, Trout, Taveras, Hultzen, Rendon, Josh Bell, Middlebrooks, Xander, Bradley Jr., Gerrit Cole and Bichette Jr.
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