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Originally Posted by TrueNE_09 View Post
Looking at current rookie stats and some other articles, possible inclusions could be (I don't follow all MLB teams enough to really know these guys well)...but honestly, I have no idea...

Chen (Orioles)
Nieuwenhuis (Mets)
Cozart/Alonso (Reds)
Doubront (Red Sox)
Miley (D-Backs)
Aoki (Brewers)
Parker/Cook (A's)
Carpenter/Lynn (Cards)
Grandal (Padres)
I would LOVE to see Wei-Yin Chen in here! I think Nieuwenhuis is probably a pretty fair bet as a Mets representative. Jarrod Parker has an auto in 2012 Bowman, which I think bodes well for him in this release.

Miley and Lynn would be really pleasant surprises...I hadn't thought about those two, but they make perfect sense...
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