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Originally Posted by dashcounter View Post

Thanks for sharing! I hadnt checked out that thread because I only have 2 autos so there was no need to keep tabs. But theres a lot of uncertainty it looks like among everyone.

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Athlete lots ("rainbows" of base/parallels/inserts), "team" lots of the key teams like Men's/Women's Swimming, Track & Field, Women's Soccer, Women's Hoops [very chick-friendly set], hits individually, key parallels and base cards individually, and the rest in u-pick lots for set finishers. Gave up selling base sets individually on eBay - not really cost-effective IMO - sold them in bulk to a dealer. Lots of hours invested - hopefully it will pay off!
Yeah I was thinking of passing on base sets...seems like you would be better served selling in team lots and stuff. I'm just gonna list my things at .99 and let them go from there. Should be fun.
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