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Default Indy's Guide to Packaging/Shipping Comics

NOTE: For Single Issues, or a few at a time, I've been using these mailers with great success

Another Cheap and effective Tutorial to ship 1-3 comics at a time

You can hopefully learn a little bit from this thread for shipping 1 comics, to up to 10 or more at a time.

When I ship 1-3 comics, I typically only used sturdy cardboard and an envelope. The Vanilla 9x12 Office envelopes work really well. Walmart has them 25 for like $5 bucks or something near that price. I mark the packaged DO NOT BEND in big letters on front and back and have had good luck doing that.

When you receive anything via USPS in a Large Flat Rate box, SAVE THE BOX! You can re-purpose this box as comic protection. Each Large Flat rate box makes 4 individual comic holder/protectors. You simply cut the box into 4 equal sizes parts, then score the edges roughly 1 inch larger than a comic on each side of each of the four parts, then fold over and walla! you have a sturdy cardboard envelop you can use on 1-3 comics.. If 3 I tend to score it twice with about 1/2 inch between score marks to allow for more bend around the comics.

As you can see in the photo below, I did this for each individual comic I send into CGC today. The photo should give you a visual of what I'm talking about in regards to the Flat Rat Box Envelopes of Sturdy protection.

If sending to CGC or more than 3+ I used varying degrees of the following steps.

I then put up to 5 each into shopping bags. I limit it to 5 to keep each package from becoming too bulky and moving around more than needed.

I then tape the bag tight on all four sides of the edges around the card-boarded up books, this creates a tight brick of plastic around them and keeps them from moving.

5 Books Boarded, Bagged and Taped up into a solid brick

3 more books boards, bagged and taped up into a solid brick

Now we move on to even more padding and protection with small bubble wrap. You can pick this stuff up at Walmart for $4.99 for 15ft, which is a great price. The Large bubble wrap which I'll show you later when filling the box is also at Walmart for $4.99 for 15ft, as is the 14x14x14 box I bought. I got it at Walmart as well for .97 cents. It's all in the office supply section. Walmart is a great cheap place to find this stuff. I get my tape there too. ;0

Now, back to the fun..

Tape the bubble wrap around the brick-o-books a few time horizontally.

and then do the same thing vertically so you cover all sizes of the brick-o-books

Once that's done, tape up both of the open sides and make it nice and secure.

We now have a nice bubble wrapped brick-o-books ready to ship

For packaging we're going to need three more things.

Shipping Peanuts

Large Bubble Wrap

and a Big Ass Box

The box needs to have around 2 inches around the bubble wrapped brick-o-books to provide enough room for cushion, as well as a safe area in case anything protrudes into the box during shipping. I've had that happen before, so it's better safe than sorry. 2 Inches is usually enough. At least that's what my wife keeps telling me.

Place your bubble wrapped brick-o-books onto the peanuts and leave enough room around each side to stuff it with large bubble wrap protection.

Once that's done, cover the top with a few sheets of bubble wrap. If you have another bubble wrapped brick-o-books place it in the oppose direction top of the existing book so that there is equal weight on all sides, or as close as we can get to equal weight. And then do the same by filling in the sides and top with bubble wrap and/or peanuts.

Note: Never ship more than 10 comics at a time this way. You're only asking for trouble due to weight and potential loss/damage.

Since this is such a large box, I didn't want too much bubble wrap on top. I like to keep it around 2 inches, so I cut the box down on the sides to make it a little smaller, plus the smaller the box, the less you pay to ship it.

Cutting the sides of the box down about 4 inches.

Now you fold down the top

Before Taping it up, close it and lightly shake the box to make sure NOTHING is moving around. If you hear movement, you need more bubble wrap padding. It doesn't have to be jam packed into the box, but movement must be minimal.

Tape it up well


When all that is complete, get your shipping label, slap it on the box and take it to the Post Office.

I've been shipping this way for a long time and have had great success with my methods. I hope you were able to learn something from my ramblings and shoddy photography.
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