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Originally Posted by tajikey View Post
I don't mean to confuse, nor do I want to reveal all my draft secrets, hoping who I want is available at 10.

Essentially, the Rangers and Nationals should be the hot ticket items in this product, seeing that Darvish and Harper will both have autos. Next in line could be the Angles (though, Trout isn't a rookie in this product) or Red Sox, depending on what picks 3 and 4 want to do.

Then again, drafter #1 could go outside who I think will go 1 and 2, which wouldn't surprise me one bit. You did pull a GREAT spot at pick 5 in cases 2 and 4. There are plenty of great teams represented in this year's product.
Ok, well I will just have to do more research and have my top 5 ready because i'm going to get at least one of those choices in 2/4. As far as 1/3/5, um i don't know what to think about those slots lol
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