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Just wanted to say again what a great thread this has been.

I'm just about to celebrate my 1 year anniversary of starting the "business" and started, and still am, small time. But wanted to thank everyone for their willingness to share information.

Some things I've come slowly to figuring out for myself and has been stated in this thread - biggest one is expanding your excel skills! One of the biggest time savers.

Also, like some else said, I started out with the paper labels too and cutting and taping them on - saves on expense but takes a toll on your personal time and the ability to work on more things. Picked up the half sheet labels pretty quick and once my supply of those runs out I'll be making the move to thermal.

Looking to get an ADF scanner but the costs are a little high for me at the moment but soon!

Anyone used one of those NeatDesks? I think I saw 1.2mm thickness - just curious on that or if there are any other budget minded ADFs out there. I see plenty of ADFs but question the damage they'll do to the cards.

Thanks again everyone.
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