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I updated the OP with this info about the drafting:

In order to speed things up there will be 2 drafts running at the same time. One draft will be for cases 1, 3, & 5 and the other will be for cases 2 & 4. You may choose the same team, or different teams for each case. Please make you pick to look like this:

Case 1: Team
Case 2: Team
Case 3: Team

Once you have made your pick you must PM the next person or put in your post that you cannot PM and ask someone else to do it. Please do not be lazy and ask for someone else to PM the next in line just because it takes too long. Please have a real excuse. Due to no finalized checklist at this time we will officially start the draft on Wednesday Aug 8th (Release Day). You may pick before then if your turn is up, but you may not amend your pick after it has already been made.

To those of you concerned with waiting that long to start the draft:
I am doing another 5 case break before this one (as previously noted when this break was first opened for testing). The soonest I will getting those cases is on the Friday of release week. With me breaking that night then sorting over the weekend that would get this break starting on that Monday (hopefully). That would mean 5+ days to do the drafting of 27 people. This is very doable.
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