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Originally Posted by greenjdo View Post
The checklist needs to be in before I pick at 5... Who knows who they can throw in there with the call ups! Andrelton Simmons rookie maybe? Gose rc? Daniel nava? Harvey? Marte? What happens if we hit the one of the 5 rookie auto redemptions? Does the breaker hold the
Til there are announced and they go to the appropriate team?
3rd paragraph of the OP says:

There are (as of right now) 5 Rookie Redemptions, numbered 1-5. If Topps announces ahead of time who all, or some, of the redemptions will be of, those will go to the team who that player plays for at the time of the break. This has to be from Topps, and not speculation from the hobby community. If none, or not all, are announced these will be randomed to the teams who have no autos in the checklist.
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