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Default Olympic Contest time....

Final Olympic Contest- Predict who is going to WIN the Womens Soccer Gold Medal (USA vs. Japan). Think its going to be an easy contest.. to win be the closest to picking the final score... and who scores the winning goal for either side. Closest to the actual will win. If no one wins that way then Ill pm the tying members and make a tie breaker.

Final Contest Prize: (Both Trouts)

**Rules are simple...if you followed my Golf contest you know im legit...
not giving away any Tiger Woods Rookies in here but for the entire Olympics
I will be giving away something everyday and sometimes every hour gotta
check in to see what you need to predict to take home some prizes.
Closest without going over wins

***Contest Post must be posted by the time the event kicks off...Time according to ESPN/NBC

***In case of a tie I do have multiples so go with your choice.

Day 1. No Contest.
Day 2. MH01460 Predicted 22 (Actual 27)- 1996 Ray Allen UD Rookie // PDawson21 Predicted 32 (Actual 27) 1996 Ray Allen UD Rookie
Day 3. JohnAndrew Predicted 48 (Actual 58)- 1996 Ray Allen UD Rookie
Day 4. No Contest
Day 5.
Day 6.
Day 7.

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