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Originally Posted by hairysasquatch View Post
Two of the plot lines (sex toy party and cat urination on equipment) have actually happened with my team in the past couple of years! Never smelled anything like the cat pee... But man, the potential for this show, especially in Canada, seems fantastic! I am kicking myself for not having thought of it myself! All kinds of stuff could be done: tournament road trip, chick joins the league and is better than almost everyone else, hypercompetitive guy who stacks his team with ringers, one guy "dates" another guy's sister, could go on and on...hahaha - you realize that it's stuff like this that keeps you young!
It really does amaze me that there have never been any hockey comedies in Canada. With all of the tv movies CBC has put out (The Don Cherry Story, 1972 Summit Series, The Rocket) you'd think they'd put out a comedy.

If I remember correctly the only hockey show CBC has made in the past couple of years was a show called "MVP", which was shut down after 10 episodes due to high budget (I believe the first 10 episodes cost $20 MILLION to make). This show seems like production and filling costs would not be too high.

I really like it. I hope it gets on a major network.
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