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Originally Posted by chunma View Post
I feel very disappoint and sad about their reponse .
They want me to PROVE it , to PROVE it is fake one .
If anyone can help me , I will very appreciate your help .
Or if someone can pm me the Mr. Brian Price's email address ?
Here is reply from Famous Fabrics


It is the goal of Famous Fabrics Inc. to use only authentic autographs. We go to great lengths to insure that every autograph in our products is authentic.

We acquire our autographs from reputable dealers and auction houses who provide us with appropriate authentication. It is important to note that many autographs originally came from collectors who acquired in person. Because the autographs are acquired in person, the personalities’ signatures do change based on the circumstances of the signing.

In addition, personalities’ signatures change during the course of their lives. Personalities have been known to change their signatures dramatically from their early years to their later years.

In many discussions with the leading authenticators of autographs, we acknowledge the variations mentioned above.

Should you receive any autograph from Famous Fabrics Inc. that is proven not authentic, we will replace that autograph for you at our cost. However, because of the idiosyncrasies of autographs, we require letters from two known autograph authenticators for any of our autographs before we can make good on this guaranty.

Famous Fabrics Inc. limits our liability of their products to the above mentioned replacement of any autograph.

For more information visit: Famous Fabrics Inc. | Customer Service

thank you
That's a really lame response. Pretty stupid on their part to ask you to go and authenticate it.
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