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Originally Posted by John91C View Post
I sent Steve Cyrkin a message to see if he could help us out...hopefully he can get us the person who has been studying Heston autos.

I also can't believe a company saying that we have to prove the autograph is fake. Why can't the company stand behind the product and give us the authentication saying it's 100% authentic. If there are known secretarial autographs of Heston and they ignored this fact and still put out the autograph as being "authentic" then that says a lot about their company...I thought Brian Price was all about staying true to his product and word!

Did you give them the link to the Heston secretarial discussion? I would like to know what Brian Price says about all this and not his PR team.
I had genuine questions about this product before it was released. I had and still have my concerns. They should let you know why they believe this autograph is authentic. Who authenticated it? Did the same authenticater authenticate other signatures in this product. I do not think these autos are guaranteed to be 100% authentic. I believe a lot are backed up by COAs, which worries me.

Originally Posted by Nicnac View Post
Do not deserve the company CEO personally replying that he will take care of the problem? You have received better treatment from other trading card publishers? Please share.
Are you serious. They were asking him to prove it was fake. It should be the other way around. They should have proper documentation on all their signatures to prove authentication. They should have it handy if they went to great lengths to provide authenticate autographs. Where did the cut come from? Did they get any other cuts from the same source?
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