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Originally Posted by Nicnac View Post
Do not deserve the company CEO personally replying that he will take care of the problem? You have received better treatment from other trading card publishers? Please share.
Originally Posted by baytowntex View Post
what else do you expect them to do? other trading card publishers have problems also , but this a famous fabrics thread. i am talking about all problems in the card industry
The OP says FF has offered to fix it and all he has to do is return the card. You follow with: Collectors don't deserve this. I asked, deserve what? The CEO of FF promises to take care of it. So I ask again, what don't collectors deserve? That FF got it wrong? That FF offered to fix it? Answer what collector's don't deserve.

Originally Posted by Jackg1980 View Post
Are you serious. They were asking him to prove it was fake. It should be the other way around. They should have proper documentation on all their signatures to prove authentication. They should have it handy if they went to great lengths to provide authenticate autographs. Where did the cut come from? Did they get any other cuts from the same source?
Yes I am serious. Not a whole lot above you and baytown is the OP saying it's dealt with, and apparently dealt with better than anything you will get from most other publishers. So yes, I am serious. Again, show me similar from Upper Deck or Topps and come back and ask if I'm serious. Oh, first he received a reply that he needed to prove it. You and baytown start bawling, the injustice! The horror!

How long will UD or Topps give you the runaround?

FOUR DAYS is the entirety of this event. Apparently that is way too long for some people.

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