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[QUOTE=JohnMabry47;3059477]Please STOP quoting an HBO special.....

You know...just a guesss, they MIGHT sensationalize things on there for ratings. Then again, the press/television isn't ever wrong. How'd the election turn out for Dewey again?

All it takes is ONE FBI agent to mention something offhand about 70-90% of autos being faked, and HBO will run with that as a statistic directly from the leads within the FBI.

If you want a task, why not question HBO on their research?

In the meantime, it's simply buy or do not buy....if you don't "trust" the product, then don't purchase it.

One FBI agent? Yeah lets just ignore the research.

Originally Posted by Nicnac View Post
I tried this logic on them weeks ago but it's obvious they feel the need to educate other collectors, protect us from the horrific, terrible crime being inflicted on us like the poor victims we don't realize we are. The best thing to do now is let haters be haters, let trolls be trolls, and move on.

Anything more is bashing your head against a really REALLY entrenched and stubborn brick wall.
Again I am being called a troll. Classy move Nicnac.
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