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Originally Posted by JohnMabry47 View Post
Please STOP quoting an HBO special.....

You know...just a guesss, they MIGHT sensationalize things on there for ratings. Then again, the press/television isn't ever wrong. How'd the election turn out for Dewey again?

All it takes is ONE FBI agent to mention something offhand about 70-90% of autos being faked, and HBO will run with that as a statistic directly from the leads within the FBI.

If you want a task, why not question HBO on their research?

In the meantime, it's simply buy or do not buy....if you don't "trust" the product, then don't purchase it.

One FBI agent? Yeah lets just ignore the research.

Again I am being called a troll. Classy move Nicnac.
You won't get the answers you so desperately seek in this or any other thread on this topic. If the company responding in mere days to remedy the situation doesn't make you happy, nothing ever will. At the point you and baytown continue to enter threads on the subject to raise the same points weeks later, and that is trollish behavior.

If you don't want to be called that, consider that you have made your point again and again, and again. The point has been read and replied to by several others. If it is not being received, consider the implications of continuing to toot your horn. People have rejected the manner in which you and baytown have conducted your personal campaigns against cut autos/FF in general, and, like you, these people are set in their beliefs. This forum has rules against politics, and, as we see in many Price threads, the passions approach those found in political discourse. Of course, this IS a trading card forum so there can be no rule stopping this but it does get old, predictable, and really tiring to enter a Price thread and find the usual complaints, standards that these people don't want to apply to other companies.

As I have replied many MANY times in this and other threads. I do not understand what you and baytown want from this company or from this genre of trading cards. You will never EVER get 100% assurance of the authenticity, and so what you can hope for is the company to act with class if a problem arises. Baytown seems very unforgiving, and now, smug that he 'warned us', and we were all stupid to ignore his warnings (or something like that). Your 'troll' title comes, in no small way from being associated with him, in that his comments follow, mirror, expound, and generally make the entire theme of the threads become a troll-fest.

Okay, again, I've said my bit.

Unless something NEW arises, I am done with this topic.
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